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Read to me

Riding home in the rain I was thinking ….

I’m getting to the age now, where many of my friends are having kids.

I started thinking about some pretty fond memories I have, and some of my most comforting are ones of being read to.

I wasn’t a little kid when I these happened, actually I was 21, 25 and shit, 31 …

I was thinking how amazing it must be for a young child being read to.

How everything must seem so much more possible and real.

That story where Endor really does save us, or the one that BigFoot wrote to let us know he loves flowers.

Most recently, I remember laying in bed…. I’d close my eyes and picture the story moving as I listened to the words… each new word produced an image so vivid that it immediately replaced the last and so fast I’d drift off to sleep.

I look forward to the day when I have a child, I promise to read to them.

Read me your favourite line..

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