*NEW* Micro art and Downloads.

I’m making Screen savers and other mirco pieces that you can download and print out.

If you want you can make a donation of even a dollar to my paypal if you download and wish to support what I do.

thank you

Screen Saver / Desktop 1 and 2.

please lover you are too beautiful.

child of my moon

I have a lot of work here that is for sale in almost all price ranges ,






If you are interested in purchasing an item please contact me at :

thank you.


3 responses to “downloads

  1. Daniel Young-Lapointe

    Hey TJ! Its daniel from camp. not sure if you remember me hah im the one with the long brown hair. I ride with Stastook in Calgary. Anyways man I love your work its amazing. I have to wonder though i have an important occasion coming up on december2. Its mine and my girlfriend’s 3rd year anniversary and I was wondering if you could possibly do a piece for me to give to her? it would mean alot man, but only if you have time for it. If you could hit me back man it would really be apprectiated.

  2. Mathew Cerasoli

    Nice piece man, I’d like to pick one up I’ll shoot you an email when I get back home today.

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