Current shows

aint no thang.

Past Shows

April – May 2007. two divided by zero. Bushido Tattoo. Calgay, Alberta

Japser Baydala & tj schneider

April 2008. Brave Art. Whistler BC

Group show

June 21st 2008. Cheaper show NO.8. Storyeum Building. Vancouver, BC

Group show

August 22nd 2008. Art Project. The Beach. Calgary Alberta

Mark Kowalchuk, Brennen Kelly, Tj Schneider

October – November 2008. CAPiTA Show. Vice Gallery. Salt Lake City, Utah

Tyler Lepore, Corey Smith, Joel Fraser and Tj Schneider

November 6th 2008. Breast Friends 4 life. w/Keep a breast. Toronto, Ontario

Group show

February 7th 2009. All in Together. Montreal, Quebec

Lifetime collective group show

April 4th 2009. 100 Amigos. El Kartel. Vancouver, BC.

Group Show

December 3rd 2009. Bored of Canvas. Bobby Paul. Port Moody, BC.

Group Charity show

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