The Snowboard Realms

2007 – Present

Video Production/Creative/Design: Headed into it’s 3rd season The Snowboard Realms is my project.


2003 – Present

Graphic Design: For the last 7 seasons I have been the principal artist for the entire “Mid Life” series, and the 2009 “Midnight” series. I also Designed the base for the 2008 “Scaremaster” series which also featured the work of Jarred Connor (MexicanChocolateDesign). For the summer of 2006, I designed a tee shirt for the Camp of Champions / CAPiTA collab which was also used as a sticker and a carry over shirt for the 2007/08 season. The art work from the 2007/08 mid life artist series was aslo turned into a limited edition signed and numbered poster.

Lifetime Collective


Graphic Design: In the last 9 years I have designed over 30 graphics for the lifetime collective.

Surface Skis


Graphic Design: In early 2006 i was approached by Surface to design a ski for their 2008/09 line. here is what surface had to say about the 2009 Live Life Tj Schneider Ltd:

“Tracking TJ Schneider down isn’t easy. The world renowned artist and snowboarder out of Vancouver is non-stop. From designing clothing and snowboard graphics for some of the best brands in the industry to traveling the globe as one of the most unique snowboard talents, TJ is a busy man. With that being said, we were lucky to have him design this “Limited Artist Series” this season.”


Graphic Design: I was asked to design a shirt for the go vegetarian campaign. The shirt is still available through ad that we collabed on in 2004 showed up in the background of the movie “The Ex” and was also a postcard for

The Source


Graphic Design: I was asked to design a few shirts that are still available through “Dodging Daggers” “Dodging Diamonds” and “Barfing Guy”

Deeluxe Snowboard Boots


Graphic/Product Design: In 2006 I started working on the “Rough Diamond” BootSeries for Deeluxe. The boot has a number of Features that I designed. The “Rough Diamond 4” is currently in the sample stages of production

Sessions Clothing


Product/Graphic Design: I designed a number of tee shirts for sessions aswell as 2 outerwear lines. the 2007/08 outerwear line sold out.

UPdown Magazine

2008- Present

Illustration: Issue 12 and 13 will both feature illustrations for articles.

Rausch Magazine

2009- Present

Illustration: A work of mine will be featured on the Front and Back Cover of their new book.

Defcon Gloves


Product/Graphic design: I worked on 6 seasons worth of gloves with defcon, developing the “Righteous Ben”

Rig 1


Graphic Design: I designed a tee shirt for the band Rig 1 for their tour with Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band

Transworld Snowboarding Magazine


graphic design: I was the first artist asked to design a tee shirt for the limited artist series with all money raised going towards the JLA memorial skatepark in mammoth lakes california.

Bern Helmets

2007- Present

Graphic Design: In 2007 I began working on a project with bern to develop a pro model helmet. The graphic I designed helped my model be one of the most re ordered helmets for the last 2 season.

David Suzuki Foundation

2009- Present

Graphic Design: I was recently asked to develop a logo for the David Suzuki foundations Play it cool program. Here is what Andrea Foster had to say about it ” This is really exciting!  We’ve got an excellent logo for gear now. Your artwork adds a creative edge to the campaign, and as Gerhard Gross ( Snowboard Canada ) says, the fact that you designed the logo legitimizes it.”

Bond Outerwear

2009 – Present

Product Design: Bond and my project The Snowboard Realms have teamed up to offer a limited edition “Realms” slimer fit pant for their 09/10 season.

Les Ettes


Video – I was asked to produce a short video for them.

2 responses to “clients

  1. KC

    dude, you’ve done it all…you are a great inspiration

  2. the new site looks fantastic tj – well done and here’s to a great winter this year. all the best!

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