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Broken, Focus, Now. part 1

Broken, Focus, Now. A new and ongoing series of photos and paintings.

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Plsmis Video and Prints

Thanks to everyone that came out.

I have some Prints left over from the show that are for sale now in the new store .

check em out.

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Plsmis Tokyo show preview

video coming soon.



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old skate flick , working on shirts for the source

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old and new

I found this really old sketch book under my book shelf today , flipping through it was pretty funny .

juts a ton of really old short thoughts and quick drawings .

this was when I really started to write more .

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las Vegas


las vegas

it’s strange how in an instant , you can recognize a place that holds a memory.

This is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken , I was watching a movie today and┬áimmediately┬áI noticed the location.

The top photo taken from the movie Easy Rider , ( parade scene ) was shot in the little square in the center of town.

My photo was taken from infront of the building that says Las Vegas on it , from right about where the white station wagon is.

I have thoughts of that place a fair bit , I haven’t really shot photo since , but a few days ago I loaded a new roll of film.

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you don’t know

and neither do I.

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