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“Dear Father” painting and video

September 11th is my Dads birthday
Around 3 am instead of sleeping I I found myself writing a story in my head.
This isn’t something unusual for me.
99 times out of 100 though I’ll tell myself “I don’t need to write this down , I’ll remember it in the morning.
I never do .
This time though ,
I got up and wrote down my idea.
A “poem” to my father early in the morning on the day of his birth.
and an idea for the movie.
close to 24 hours later at 4 am on sept 12 this movie was finished.
and 12 hours later its uploaded to the interweb to share with everyone .

music by

song 1 – A silver Mt Zion

song 2 – For Stars


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“Darling You Are Beautiful, But.” Painting and video

“Darling You Are Beautiful, But.”
ink and watercolor on paper
sept 10 2009
tj schneider

music by A Silver Mt. Zion

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“Beautiful Indian Girl, No Cries” painting and video

Beautiful Indian Girl , No Cries
ink and watercolor on paper
sept 4th 2009
tj schneider

A few weeks ago I had this dream….
A woman came up to me and told me I only had 2 weeks to live.
I sat down and started to write these loving letters to everyone important in my life.
I knew I wanted to paint something from that dream , and this is it.
She was so beautiful, She told me the news with tears in her eyes.
She said she loves me and there would be no more cries.
I haven’t painted a picture in over a week.
I’m happy I waited to paint this image.
I’m also happy to say I didn’t die.

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Self Portrait of Another Person

self portrait as someone else

“Self Portait as Someone Else”

water color , water color crayon and ink on paper

june 12th 2009

by tj schneider

Today I woke up abruptly and looked at my phone,

8:45 am..

I’ve been going to sleep later and later these days.

Reading books that take my mind to another time and place.

Filled with fields, horses, flowers and dead cities.

A lot of the time I feel like sleep makes me more tired, Its like I exert so much energy in the middle of the night that its impossible for my body to get the rest it so desperately needs. Most morning are very difficult for me to get out of bed ,today though It felt like someone screamed in my ear to woke me up. I wish I had an idea of what I was dreaming.

I believe that you can feel somethings that aren’t there,

People say that ringing in your ears is someone talking about you. That itchy ears are the sign that someone is thinking of you, that an itchy nose is someone wanting to kiss you and That people in dreams can actually be talking to you through their subconscious…

I think there is actually a book about it, if 2 people focus on each other enough it’s thought that they can project their souls, meet and interact. Maybe my soul is searching.

Sometimes it’s too easy to think about other people more than you think about yourself .

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“Barbie” painting and video

tjschneider ( barbie )

ink , water color and crayon on paper
Jan 24 2009
by tj schneider

“everyone believes in you
do you ?”

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pencil and water color on paper
June 2008
by tj schneider

I wanted to try and put some time into something.

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