Everything is a hidden self portrait.
It’s easier to share everything when the face looks nothing like you,
when you are a man and the painting is a woman.

“I have a lot of respect for anyone that makes anything that is true to themselves. I know first hand how hard it is to put all that stuff out there…”If you have any questions or wish to purchase a piece please feel free to contact me thank you.

King Snow Interview

I asked a few of the models I have worked with if they could write a few words of what their experience working with me has been like,

here is what some of them have had to say.

“I think TJ is an extremely talented artist and I was flattered to be asked to be one of his models. I felt very comfortable even though I don’t know him all that well at the time. So thank you for that. That was my first time ‘posing nude’ and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. ”

“from what I remember, TJ has good patience. In the process of taking photos, he could easily explain what was good and what we could do to improve the pictures. TJ has this professional twist that not a lot of young man have. Meaning, he works with nude images and that’s a private thing,  these days you can see people sending picture on the web and next thing you know, this image spreads like aids and someones life is ruined. I’d say TJ has that discretion and professional side to him, and thats really good for up coming models-collabs.
I don’t considerate myself has a model but for your project I felt that way. It’s an experience that ill probably only live once in my life and I was happy to meet you as an artist as well as a human with a good conscience.
Thats sums it up for me. ”

I dunno what to say.. I didn’t really model for you… I wish I did.. never really got shit on the go… I could just tell people how rad you are.. i’ll try and think of something..

32 responses to “tj

  1. Jake Hampton

    Hey. I had a couple questions. tj, your are one of my favorite riders. And your sponsored by alot of brands. I want to Know what are the benifits of getting sponsored, and how do you get sponsored, and how good do you have to be? and what would be a good company to get sponsored by?

  2. jon caruso

    hey tj. i love your art. i wish i had that talent. how long does it take on average to do a drawing? where do you get those amazing creative ideas? how did u get so lucky to be sponsered by union and capita and airblaster and ashbury (the best brands). do u ever sell your art or is it all just inspiration and expression of thoughts? oh 1 more thing. ur next years capita board is super sick. do u come up with design and the tech of the board or just the art?

  3. TJ, (can I call you Teej? in my brain, if we were buds I would call you Teej.)
    I totally jumped the gun and started watching all the previews for the 09 vid releases, and then caught up on all the snowboard realms, and now I’m over-stoked for shredding this season and it’s only September. I watched the episode about the new sponsors and dropped sponsors (oakley) and then I watched season one where you are wearing oakley’s. I just want to say that you looked like a goober in those oakleys, no loss there! Tell Ashbury or Airblaster that if you had a pro-model goggle for either of them, I’d buy those goggles. I am very excited for season 3. Also, after season 3, you should release a DVD of the three seasons. Those are all my ideas for now. Have a good day!

  4. chaka

    sup tj?
    do u have a catalog with all your art in it
    i realy want to see some
    im doing some urban art project in israel
    and would love to check your staff
    u r awsome rider!!

  5. davide

    TJ you’re a solid dude. Thanks for sharing your work.

  6. tyson

    hey i was just wondering how to get sponsored by “The Snowboard Realms” and your my faavorite rider.

  7. Evan Gunthner

    Hey man… I bought your signature bored last year, the Mid-life Lost 155… and I was wondering if you could tell me once and for all it says across the top sheet??

  8. Midnight is sitting in my living room, accepting all of its glory for what it is. I wanted to personally tell you that your graphics, shorts, everything you put your self into is just beyond amazing. One day I hope to pick your brain, but for now, happy new year.

  9. CGY

    your work has had a major influence on me and my own art, its shaped the way i view things in life and helped me be a better artist. thank bro, keep up the incredible work.

  10. Gus

    TJ, I love what you said about anonymity. I play music ( and I totally see where you’re coming from. It’s just uncomfortable to be sitting in a room with someone listening to my music. I think it ruins the intimacy, too.

    Love your art, also, man.


  11. alex neiberg

    Hey Bro! What the hell is up i miss u man!

  12. steve reinert

    tj i just think your a rly awsome dude. im 16 and ride at a small local mtn that has 4 trails and one box. haha. i get out and go places whenever i can and just rly enjoy snowboarding. the snowboardrealms has rly inspired me to go out and find my own stuff and hit backcountry and handrails and just go out with friends and film and have fun. thats what you get to do everyday and its sick how you are sponsored and you can do that for a living. i think you rly got your shit figured out and i like how you just take life as it is and enjoy it no matter what it is. you really inspire me to go out and get better and just have fun and express myself. keep up the good filming and art bro.

  13. Pat Birch

    Hey tj, I’m looking for a new park board for next season and was thinking about last seasons horrorscope. Wanted to know what you thought of it and what you feel its best suited for . I’ve never spent an entire day in the park my whole life so I want a board thats versatile and capable of ripping the whole hill but definatly want to emphasize my park riding this year. Have you ever had a chance to ride the sierrascope? Thanks for your time man. You’re who inspires me to have fun shredding these days. Just like Travis Parker did after lame and crapneto used to.

  14. Lukas Steltzer

    Hey I dunno if you still check the comments and stuff but your videos are probably the greatest thing ever. I just really apprecoate what you guys do. You show what i think is the best part of snowboarding just having fun. Im sure a bunch of people feel the same way but i just wanted to acknowledge it. Its really inspirational and i hope we get some powder where i am on the east coast so I can have fun on the mountain (hill) like you guys haha. Can’t wait til season 4 and more artwork. stay awesome

  15. Todd Crisman

    hey Teej,

    just checkin up on an old friend….you look like you are doing well with super beautiful site(s). Its very good to see you are still crankin the creativity.



  16. Jeroen

    Hey tj,

    I got a question from Holland; when you ride, you always wear those sick caps on your head! I love them, so where could I buy one like it?
    please let me know! 🙂

  17. Justin Nover

    hey man, you’re such a great rider and i just wanna know how you do it? i’m 15 and i put my life into riding, and is there anything i can do more to improve? your a great inspiration man. thanks

  18. Benjamin schmidt

    Dude where can I get one of your hats your my favorite boarder your sick

  19. Cory Schweitzer

    Yo i watch a lot of the Snowboardrealms videos and I was wondering how you make the artwork on your hats?

  20. Jesse H.

    Hey dude. Come out to california next season. we had some good ass snow this winter. your one of my favorite boarders. and those videos of snowboard realms are dope.

  21. Karthik Pitarro

    HEY TJ, love your movies dude. this is random but i’ve been drawing, painting, filming, etc. for as long as i can remember, it is my one true passion in life. My problem is i can’t find a niche for myself and I’m kind of giving up on pursuing art as my dream. I was just wondering how you get involved in filming or photographing for pros like yourself. I ride but am not good enough to be pro haha but to film or photograph the sport would be amazing to me. BTW! I really love your art man wish I could do a piece with you haha. THANKS!

  22. chris schneible

    hi tj my name is chris i know this may sound real lame and you would probably never even consider this but you are one of my favorite snowboarders out there i love your freeriding videos i live in new york (upstate not the city) i live near some pretty kool mountains like whiteface in lake placid about an hour away and bromley mountain in vermont about 45mins away if your ever in the area i would love to ride with u i know that this will probably never happen but i might as well try ya never know

  23. Finn Howieson

    Dear tj I’m also an artist and a snowboarder I love both your art work and your snowboarding style I have a question. I really want to to make it as a pro snowboader or make a living out of it how would I do that I’ve been snowboading for 4 years and I’m 14 years old. I love you videos keep it up.

  24. nemanja

    hey tj when you get sponsored you go around the world and they pay you tickets for airplane? or you pay the tickets?

  25. Max

    Hey tj, heres an artist question… How can i learn to draw people as well as you? Everytime i try to google it or something, all i get is anime stuff, not cool. I’m only 14 so i have alot of room to grow, art wise… But in the end i wish to be as good of an artist as you.

  26. Brandon Klassen

    hey tj I’m a huge fan of your work and I’m having trouble deciding what to do for my next tattoo, i was wondering if you are willing to design it you know be as creative as you wish and I’m willing to pay?

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