setting Sept 22nd 2011and Now

because here I promised

2 years later life rings true..

I dont know when I’ll make anything new but this hits much of how I feel on the head.


“because here I promise
some simple easy dreams that for
whatever reason we wish to confuse ….
in reality it’s simple ,we love.
who we love for whatever reason
she tells me I’m a bad person
because I’m not perfect
because I cause her to question what
she loves
I can’t control her life, only my
own . I cause her cries
I cause her cries
I hate that I cause her cries.
in her hands she held my heart.
love she knew would always
be true
but regardless of if we want
them to or not , things change.
we often times lose the
things we swear
to love

rewrite and sing songs.
When was the last time you looked in the mirror ? because you’ve changed.
Will you ever feel okay ?
She’s an actress…
So hold your sadness like a puppet and keep putting on your play ,
you’re a fool.


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