different projects

This site will be taking a bit of a back seat at the winter starts ..

here is a little of what I’ve been working on


52/66 Harley Davidson Pan / Shovelhead
Originally built by a guy named Rob Adams . Rob really likes Oakland orange, so when I got it everything was orange. Frame , Fender, Tank… I guess it was in a few shows before the owner I bought it from ( Murray ) changed a few things and made it more of a rider than a show bike.
Murray Changed the compression from 10:1 to 7:1 to save the bottom end,
upgraded wiring from 6 – 12 volt. changed a bunch of other little things

When I got it home I rode it around a little then put it in the basement and over the course of a few days stripped it bare, powder coated the HD wishbone frame black , and had the original fender chromed. I found an early canadian military Harley 45″ springer with big twin rockers on craigslist. After a few hours with some SOS pads, they sparked like new. I ordered a ton of little parts from random sites,I fucked up and ordered the wrong color kicker off ebay. I wanted the Olive Swirl Chicago Kick Pedal and matching grip, But ordered a Yellow Swirl by accident. Fuck.. Then I ordered the matching yellow Grip but I dont like them so … Double Fuck. With the help of OG CAPiTA homeboy Dean Wadella, We Replaced the bushings in the rockers , changed the brake to an Original HD spinger Drum , put in new cups to install the 45″ on the big frame, Dean also did some nice weld and grindin for me on the old Paughco mustang tank I bought off ebay to make it fit, I worked for a couple of hours on a design and Handed that off to Myk Rock for painting. I originally wanted to go black with Gold leaf ( gold leaf is thin sheets of real gold ) but after thinking for about 5 minutes I knew I wanted some color. Sea foam green and white with some flake, and Gold leaf boarder. I’m Really stoked on how Myk took my basic idea and changed it .. little different composition a few really light scales in the green on this side of the bike and a bit of a burst on the other. The Gold leaf looks as great as I knew it would.

It took me a few days of hangin in the basement listening to music to put it back together. My Ghetto notes and Iphone photos served me well in the absence of any manuals.. A ton of little fuck ups later and some help from Torys little hands ( my fingers are fat which makes some of the bolts really tough to get together ) this is it.

waiting on a few more parts and a little time and it should be going … as for now it will sit right next to me at my work station …… in my living room …

and then there is the snowboard realms…

making movies , traveling the world



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  1. whats up TJ! im gonzo who the guy was in the CAPITA’s 10years show at seattle. i was dame excited and really grad to meet u and the rider of CAPITA! by the way, is it ur bike u was talking about? men, this is sooo cool! this is exactly what i wanna have. i put my blog on it. just check it out whenever ur free. you will be able to find my bike on it. almost written by japanese though..haha keep in touch and just let me know if u come to JPN to kick my ass! have a great life and best luck for u! thankyou!

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