sun set quoting

back lit Aki

“Let Him beware of the abstinence from action. For the curse of His grade is that he must speak the Truth, that the Falsehood thereof may enslave the souls of men. Let Him then utter without Fear, that the Law may be fulfilled. And according to His Original Nature will that law be shapen, so that one may declare gentleness and quietness..”


“His head is slightly bowed as if he brooded some delight, He wears a helm of ruddy gold , radiant with the light of the Star. In the midst of his brows is a black diamond in a circlet of ruby and emerald , set in mother of pearl, so that it seems the eye of some unknown , some unknowable God. This eye has no lid.

But his two human eyes are still half closed , as if in worship or in wonder of rapture.

His arms are floded on his breast: upon his corslet is the golden image of the Sun. In his right hand is a rod of amber , crowned with a ruby; in his left hand an amethyst lotus with a sapphire corolla.

Lo! from his eyes flow tears of mingled sorrow and joy, of joy that burns up sorrow and with these tears he smites the barren rock beneath his feet. It melts like wax at the touch; roses spring up and twine about his limbs …..”

Aki .

a nature love affair.


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