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inspiration on the back

while waiting for the video to upload I started reading The Art Spirit by Robert Henri again

I like this part

“….There are two classes of human beings . One has ideas , which it believes in fully , perhaps , but modifies to bring about “success.” The other class has ideas which it believes in and must carry out absolutely; success or no success. The first class has a tremendous majority, and they are all slaves. The second class are the only free people in the world. Some are kept under grind of poverty. Some are sent to jail, but they are still the only free class. But the latter class does not always get ground under the heel, nor sent to jail. People are not always fools. There are those who only want “to be shown” want to know, and there must be someone who has the courage to show them…..”


“It is a big job to know oneself, no one can entirely accomplish it yet – but to try is to act in line of evolution. Men will come to know more of themselves , and act more like themselves , but this will be by dint of effort along the line of humble self-acknowledgement. Today man stands in his own way. He puts a criterion in the way of his own revelation and development. He would be better that he is and because man judges poorly he fails to become as good as he might be. He should take his restraining hands off himself , should defy fashion and let himself be. The only men who are interesting to themselves and to others are those who have been willing to meet themselves squarely. The works of the masters are what they are because they are evidences from men who dared to be like themselves. It costs most of them dearly , but it was worth while. They were interesting to themselves and now they are interesting to us.”

” I think your only salvation is in finding yourself, and you will never find yourself unless you quit preconceiving what you will be when you have found yourself. What, after all, are your greatest , deepest and all-possessing interests? Most people seem to think they are great enough to know beforehand, and what generally results is that they imprison themselves in some sort of Girl and Goldfish subject, which, as I say, they may admire from the hand of another but for which they have no personal vocation. Those who are so imprisoned work like prisoners, You can see where the heart is out of it. Pictures tell the story of actual impulse in the artist – or lack there of it.

What you need is to free yourself from you own preconceived ideas about yourself, It will take a revolution to do it, and many times you will think yourself on the road only to find that the old habit has possessed you again with a new preconception. But if you can at least to a degree free yourself , take your head off your heart and give the latter a chance , something may come of it. The results will not be what you expected, but they will be like you and will be the best that can come from you . There will be a lot more please in the doing.

Now there are only my opinions , I do not say they are final , nor do I say they are right , but they are my opinions, You have asked for them , and at any rate they are kinder to you than they are harsh….”

” we read books. They make us think. It matters very little whether we agree with the book or not”



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2 responses to “Passion

  1. Amazing quotes, for sure. Tone reminds me a bit of Camus’s stuff in “Absurd Creation” and other bits in the Myth of Sisyphus, like this line poached from someone’s blog. (Sorry someone…): “Of all of the schools of patience and lucidity, creation is the most effective. It is also the staggering evidence of man’s sole dignity: the dogged revolt against his condition, perseverance in an effort considered sterile. It calls for a daily effort, self mastery, a precise estimate of the limits of truth, measure, and strength. It constitutes an ascesis. All that “for nothing,” in order to repeat and mark time. But perhaps the great work of art has less importance in itself than in the ordeal it demands of a man and the opportunity it provides him of overcoming his phantoms and approaching a little closer to his naked reality.”

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