landscape alive

Inspired this morning by “The Republic” and Bonnie

“Art cannot claim to be on a level with philosophy or religion,
and may often corrupt them.
It is possible to conceive a mental state in which all artistic representations are regarded as false and imperfect expression,
either of the religious ideal or of the philosophical ideal.
The fairest forms may be revolting in certain moods of mind,
as is proved by the fact that the Mahometans, and many sects of Christians,have renounced the use of pictures and images.
The beginning of a great religion whether Christian or Gentile,
has not been ‘wood or stone,’ but a spirit moving in the hearts of men.
The disciples have met in a large upper room or in ‘holes and caves of the earth’; in the second and third generation ,
the have had mosques, temples , churches, monasteries.
And the revival or reform of religions,
like the first revelation of them, has come from within and has generally disregarded external ceremonies and accompaniments.

But poetry and art may also be the expression of the highest truth and the purest sentiment.
Plato himself seems to waver between two opposite views – when as in the third Book,
He insistes that youth should be brought up amid wholesome imagery;
and again in book X,
when he banishes the poets from his republic.
Admitting that the arts,
which some of us almost deify, have fallen short of their higher aim,
we must admit on the other hand that to banish imagination wholly would be suicidal as well as impossible.
For nature too is a form of art :
and a breath of the fresh or or a single glance at the varying landscape would in an instant revive and reillumine the extinguished spark of poetry in the human breast.
In the lower stages of civilization imagination more than reason distinguishes man from the animals: and to banish art would be to banish thought, to baish language , to banish the expression of all truth……”

do you see her ?


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