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20 responses to “70someFaces

  1. Will

    simply beautiful; i love the perspectives you’ve taken on these. thank you so much for letting me be a part of this. <3w

  2. Andrew

    Very impressive.

  3. Justin

    great video, great paintings. i think it would be cool if you could put all the paintings on the website so you could see all the finished paintings. thanks for a great video 🙂

  4. Awesome work TJ.
    Would there be any way to see the individual paintings of everyone? Def. want to see them all.
    Glad to have been a part of it.

  5. I may make a limited number of zines that will be available with all the portraits in it, until then try to find yourself in the video .

  6. !!! sweet ass job.

  7. Ahh I wanna see mine so bad! They looks amazing though!

  8. Brittany W

    All of them look awesome! I can’t wait till I find mine.

  9. chris.

    right on TJ. stoked to see this project. i love this shit.

  10. Sandy

    Thank you very much, I can’t find myself at all so hoping we’ll get to see the individual paintings.
    Lovely lovely film though!

  11. Adam Thrower

    Awesome job, turned out really really good. I hope we can see some individuals, I spotted my self I believe at 3:52-4:00.

  12. Totally can’t figure myself out on here! I hope you put out the zine!

  13. Miakel B

    Great work, all look sick, cant seem to find myself though, found my friend at 4:40

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  15. chris.

    where do i send 30 bucks to ?

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  17. billy

    I’m not sure if mine is in there but if so I would definately like to buy it.
    thanks TJ.


  18. Justin

    Awesome project, found mine.

  19. super cool project, very happy to have been a part of it

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