Nothing you create is real

I came across these the other day cleaning out my desk ,

3 small boxes that contain a million memories.

It’s pretty amazing how life works.

how something, Once so real,

could now feel like it never existed…

Kevin calls its skeleton lamping.

Wheres I used to sing ,

“Reclamation would be beautiful ”

I now whisper

“….I’m tired”

I’m not mad or angry about anything that’s happened.

I will say though.

I miss her very much.

feb 05

march 05

june 05

oct 06

oct 06

empty trash.


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One response to “Nothing you create is real

  1. will

    she seems so beautiful.
    inside an out.
    but that is only what a photograph can tell.
    i too have a girl
    of whom i feel the same exact way.
    never saddened,
    too much,
    by memories of her;
    just nostalgic.
    i miss her very much
    but i know i
    can never go back
    to her.

    thanks for this. you always have something to keep my mind racing during these late hours. hope that project of random photographs you took in is going well too. all the best man.

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