an idea about connection

“Your oasis and my oasis are communicating. Water is very interesting. We are, what is it, ninety percent water? Inside, we have that beautiful, clean, water. The water can become dirty, too, from our thoughts. So we have to keep cleaning the water with our good thoughts, for when my water and your water are responding to each other. You’re water. I’m water. So there is nothing that we can hide from each other, our water is already communicating. It’s so beautiful. That’s why when we say, we are all one, we ARE all one. We are containers of water. When we’re fighting, our heartbeats are in unison. Can you imagine that? When we’re trying to kill each other, the heartbeat’s going boom, boom, boom, together.” -Yoko Ono..

A Project about Connection In whatever form

a project about connection in whatever form


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