dear love

what is this all about ?

I watched a short documentary today on the feelings that an edit can create .

with little or no lead up to the film ,

what is the feeling that this edit can create ?

what does the face of the person in the chair look like ?

what is he thinking ?

its interesting to think that each person watching can come up with something totally different ..

making short films is something i love.




Filed under inspiration, letter, video

2 responses to “dear love

  1. dcrough

    this edit seems wistful and anxious. hes young but wise and his face is serious. i feel like he might be looking around making sure no one is watching him go through the sentimental keepsakes. hes clearly thinking of love, either lost or desired…

    i liked it

  2. PETER M.

    I think everyone has an experience like that, where they think over something about someone so much that it becomes almost too much to bear.

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