I gave him some money one night and he came over to talk to me.

He said “Sometimes somethings can break a man”

“I can tell you are different , you are a good man.”

I gave Sylvain a gift , I hoped that he would sell it to buy food or a warm place to sleep for the night.

But he looked at me and said ” No … I’m going to keep it”

He’s a lot different than the person I expected to meet.

Clean and Sober , An unfortunate accident left him unable to work. He showed me his scars

told me how close he was to taking heroine to numb his pains

he shook my hand and said “Thank you”



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3 responses to “Homeless.

  1. Jon S

    Thanks for posting this… inspiring!

  2. Hey TJ. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your peace really touched me. I grew up in Philadelphia and had to deal with homeless people nearly every day. It was beyond upsetting for me to see people just passing them by paying absolutely no attention to them whatsoever….they’re people too and deserve the same love and respect that we all crave. Thanks for taking the time to show some people that good hearts do still exist in our society. Keep it up.

    – Keith

  3. Hey TJ! I would like to say that: This picture is so special, it has a exiting thing and it make me very sad when I see all the homeless 😦 But it’s a real special picture

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