Painting the mountains, poem , painting and video

painted mountains


this is the park at the end of the East Hastings area in Vancouver .
I’ve never been to this park before , to be honest I didn’t even know it existed until today.
It is beautiful.
Today was warm and pretty,
I rode my motorcycle around town,
watching birds and trees fly by.
I sat in the park listening to music,
reading my book,
and thinking of you.
I watched lovers on a park bench holding hands
and friends whisper secrets.
All you can be is honest.
with yourself and everyone around you.
your feelings are your feelings,
they are important ,
and they are powerful.

“Cherish your own emotions and never under-
value them.” (Robert Henri)

what do you think ?



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3 responses to “Painting the mountains, poem , painting and video

  1. Admirer

    Beautiful & Brilliant

  2. Frank

    This is a rad picture for sure. I would definitley want a piece of art such as this in my room on the wall. its not just a painting and poem its a collections of thoughts and emotions expressed on paper. I think I saw you at meadows a few weeks back. you were shredding park place with a few other guys. My friend on park crew recognized you and fixed up the lips and you looked at me and my freind and we talked about how the lips were fine because they were iced over. anyways this is a great piece of art and i would buy it for sure.

  3. colleen lowery

    thiis is simply amazing. ii love your stuff tj. keep it up 🙂
    And what song is this?

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