“Dear Father” painting and video

September 11th is my Dads birthday
Around 3 am instead of sleeping I I found myself writing a story in my head.
This isn’t something unusual for me.
99 times out of 100 though I’ll tell myself “I don’t need to write this down , I’ll remember it in the morning.
I never do .
This time though ,
I got up and wrote down my idea.
A “poem” to my father early in the morning on the day of his birth.
and an idea for the movie.
close to 24 hours later at 4 am on sept 12 this movie was finished.
and 12 hours later its uploaded to the interweb to share with everyone .

music by

song 1 – A silver Mt Zion

song 2 – For Stars


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One response to ““Dear Father” painting and video

  1. Marinda

    I love your work Tj, it’s just gets to me everytime. This obviously made me think about my dad, and the kind of relationship I share with him. But all in all, your art is amazing. I really appreciate and admire it.

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