“I’d bring her the setting sun” painting and video

I'd bring her the setting sun

“I’d bring her the setting sun”
watercolor and pen on paper
aug 6th
tj schneider,

Dear love
I know you feel like
I left you behind
but I want you
to know I sit
here and think of
you, I remember
all the days you
would smile
all the times
you told me “I LOVE YOU”
How I miss your
How I wish
this portrait
was me
how I wish we
had our child
and you would
take care of me
my babe
babe, I love you.
please come
please I need
my sun ….
( I can’t read the rest)
He swore
but I watched her
walk away
wishing as he wept
I swear I would have
brought you the setting sun
I would have ran it
back to that porch
where you’d be waiting
I’d tell you I love you
and show you the holes
in my heart
lost lover.


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