in schieles cell
photo : Joel Fraser

check out the interview with photos HERE

and here is the english version

Q) What’s art in your opinion?

A) Pretty much anything can be art. For me though all it needs is some sort of truth or something real .

Q) Name the most important piece of art of all time!

A) I have no clue. For me the most important pieces would be those of Egon Schiele. His pieces were the ones that really interested me in art. I was always into drawing and painting but his work really made me interested in learning about art and artists.

Q) Name the most important artist of all time!

A) Probably the Native Indians or the cavemen.

Q) What should finally be named an art form?

A) Anything you want.. That’s what I love about art … really there are no rules , if you want to stand on a corner, dance with your headphones on and shake a bottle… that’s cool , if you want to paint lines or if you want to paint giant master pieces .. It’s all up to you .

Q) Do you consider yourself an artist? If yes, in how far?

A) I guess so , I never really call myself an artist, Ill say I paint pictures or i like to make things ,


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