Self Portrait Of a Woman With a Flower In My Hair

self portrait

“Self Portrait of a Woman with a Flower in My Hair”
water color and ink on paper
January 4 2009
by tj schneider

This painting didn’t start out with the intention of being a self portrait.
As I added paint though it slowly turned into myself.

“All I know now are these tears inside
I can’t speak of them to anyone I know
I only hope that you see them
and feel something
maybe you smile
maybe you wish things were different too
maybe you wish you could feel me
fill my soul
the warmth and love I felt for you
my heart is broken and I know it shouldn’t be
things change
but we
well .. we were supposed to be forever love
did you know you could
kill me ?
it destroys me to even see your name
the truth is ,
I’m dead”


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