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Gustav mag did interview with me a while back . The magazine comes in both French and German. Here is the English version of the interview

TJ Schneider is an artist and snowboarder as well…heu no, TJ Schneider is a photographer and drawer as well…hmmm no, TJ Schneider is a Canadian snowboarder involve in design…pfff, no, TJ Schneider is a fuckin pro-artist-snowboarder that bring you to dream through fascinating photographies and infantile but trash draws. His life is job, his job is our hobbies, but our hobbies will never be our job, shit!

Interview with one of the biggest name of North America snowboarding.

So how do you qualify yourself? It’s hard to define! Ha I have no idea , I don’t really think about myself or try to fit into anything , I just do what I do and that’s that whatever . so I guess it is kinda hard to define

Tell us more ? Age, weight, height, d*ck size, phone number… ok no, just tell us more about your art, how did you get involve into those activities? Give us some story!

Well I’m 28 about 182 cm or 6’2’’ penis is super small … umm I mean , ahhh

Um I got involved with snowboarding at about age 13 , a bunch of my friends were doing it and so I just sorta got sucked in , I had skateboarded for a year or 2 and was pretty athletic so I picked it up pretty quick . …..anyway I’m thinking you want to know more about art and shit ? so ive always been drawing , forever . I was never that kid in school that was the art super star , kids never came up to me and said wow you have amazing drawings or anything like that , in grade 7 I drew a horse and they told me it sucked , in grade 11 I drew a skull and they told me it was too empty … art and school is stupid …. Anyway , I really started to get into drawing when I was 18 , I was living on the road selling magazines door to door , they used to drop us off at 8 am and I wouldn’t start going to doors until around 10 so for 2 hours each morning I would sit and draw pictures on the backs of subscription cards .. I think I still have a few of those drawings somewhere. Pretty much since then ive been drawing and making little things

Your style is pretty special, a mix of naive draws and messages everywhere; you would be a great psychoanalyst patient!

Do you consider your art as a media to spread strong messages? Like something comin from the inside or whatever spiritual stuffs, or are you more concrete ?

Im sure a doctor would just look at me and say GET OVER IT ! and tell me to leave .

For me drawing is jus about getting things out of me that I feel are trapped inside, there are a million messages in every drawing that are very personal , but I hope that people take something from the writings , maybe they can use it and make a connection to it in their life or something .. I dunno if any of that even makes sense … I don’t really like to say much about my stuff , id rather people just intemperate who ever they will and ill just keep making things regardless of if they like it or not .

In design, you develop real concepts; I didn’t find any other riders that are as implicated as you into original product development. Are you glad of what you achieve? Get this mix with art, snowboard and business ?

For sure im proud of what ive done , just looking around and seeing people using or wearing products Ive designed Is ….. well it s pretty indescribable , its so rad to talk to kids that are into something that you spent time on that means something to me , its crazy ..

In fact, your job is what usually people do as hobbies; some must think it’s not fair! Ahahah!

My job is for sure crazy , but its also a lot of work .

What was your first collab design project?

My first collab was with Jason brown on my first board I did with capita in 2002 , I had an idea of what I wanted to do and Jason helped me lay it up since I had no idea how to use a computer . I love that board and was really happy with how it turned out .

Which project was the most interesting? Umm tough one for sure , off the top of my head id say the mid life theory graphic , for me its been the one that has had the most thought put into it , I spent hours drawing that graphic out full size scanning it and laying it up , all of my graphics and designs have a lot of me and my personal life in them but that one was one of the most intense for sure

Your sponsors must be supa happy to have someone like you in their team! They can take advantage of you! But don’t you want to move to other design projects than in snowboarding?

You would have to ask my sponsors how stoked they are I cant really speak for them , but I would assume its nice to have someone that can come up with and idea and throw it together rather than having to hire outside the company . as for designing outside snowboarding , ive done a little working with clothing companies like lifetime , lifetime was the first company I actually ever did designs for , ive also worked with a ski company called surface skis out of utah . id love to work with more companies but I don’t really have any idea of how to approach someone about that

In the Capita board serie you designed, you say you did it to thank artists you love? Which artist are you talking about? Which artists inspire you? The 151 was henri matisse , 155 jm basquiat and 3 henry darger , on the top of each board it explains why i chose those artists .

I love all 3 of those artsist but the biggest influence on me would have to be egon schiele ,

He was the first artist I ever really learned about I love his shit so much .

By the way, I love your pictures, instant images of life, real life. . It’s seems that behind each photo, there is a story to tell… for sure , photos are moments I want to last forever , moments I don’t know how to capture with words , beauty I don’t know how to draw , I have so many photos I cant look at because I wish I could still be there .

Which camera are you playing with? Did you have any training or did you learn by yourself?

I use a ton of different old cameras , mamiya press , 2 old Olympus cameras , a bessa r2, 2 old rollei cams a twin lens seagull … umm a semna symbol …. I dunno if thast all of em , I like to learn things on my own , I have some friends jeff patterson and joel fraser that are really great photographers that helped me out with a few of the basics , understanding the iso shutter speeds light meters all that stuff , then its all been guess and test .

I laugh when I saw your pictures from Zurich and your comments! Now people will think that Zurich it’s just about lazy old men & nuns!

Zurich was amazing , I was in such a good place in my life when I was there , I felt like I was on top of the world and everything just seemed to turn out perfect .

If you would have to choose among your activities, which one you could never quit?

Probably writing , text and words mean more to me than anything , I have a hard time speaking a lot of times and I think that when I use words in my drawings its brings out more of me .

Do you have some exhibition projects?

Ive been a part of a few group shows and I am in a show in Ottawa Canada soon about alternative modes of transportation , but not much planned after that , id love to be in more and just show my work , but again … I have no idea how to go about that , I didn’t go to school for this shit and I think they teach you that there, I could ask people I know , but I don’t really like asking people for much , so I guess ill just keep doing what im doing

What are the new designs in progress?

Coming up is fall lifetime stuff and ive been working on some of the new capita decks .

But other than that not too much , im just trying to draw more , get some things off my chest and maybe make some money so I can take in a few rolls of film I have laying around .


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  1. Heather Smith

    Hey TJ!
    Thought of you the other day out of nowhere and wanted to see how your drawings were going – looking super great! Are you still in Calgary? Keep up the beautiful work.

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