“Hastings, Home”

hastings man red coat

hastings home
picture 1 , some dead flowers right across the street i love these flowers
2 down in the heart of the east side someone was walking around sticking random things to walls , i cant remember what the other objects were but this feather caught my eye down at the salvation army .
3 i was walking downtown and i love when light reflects off the gold windows of the buildings and shines light from the wrong direction
4 sitting on the stairs writing
5 walking across the bridge back towards home the sky looked nice

hastings home 2
walking down hastings home.
the first photo is just down the street from my house , there is usually a guy standing right under this part of the fence selling random goods , today he was packing up when i walked by so i snapped a flick .
i dunno if i gained a ton of weight , but i dont think im as large as my shadow makes it look in the second photo . this was a really weird scene , the man opening the door was walking with one of the local ladies of the street , thats one of the rent by the hour hotels about 4 blocks form my house
getting closer i saw these shoes next to a trash can , i thought it looked nice ,
next is about 2 blocks from my house it was really weird to see how empty the street was , people looked at me weird in cars when they saw me take this picture ,
the last picture just caught my eye , the colors were really nice 2 days ago

I live in one of the poorest area codes in North America.
It’s one of the craziest scenes that anyone could imagine.
Yet it’s also really beautiful if you look at it a little different.
Warm days in the fall sun are some of my favorite.


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