Daniel Johnston

walking away

sound check

daniel johnstons guitar

It was pretty surreal to walk into an empty club to see Daniel standing on stage.

waiting at the light

picking a song


I was talking to Dick ( Daniel’s brother ) When I looked over at Daniel. He had his eyes closed and was singing along with the song ” you’re so vein ” he was so into the song, Right as I pressed the button he started to laugh, looked at me and said “I love this song” and continued to singing.

daniels hands shake

Daniel’s hands shake a lot.

daniel not shaking

Sometimes they stop though when he’s telling a story or listening to someone talk.

daniel johnston drinking ice tea

table of food

daniel smoking on the corner

singing devil town

Walking down the street people kept coming up to Daniel. One Girl came up to us and said “hey”. He looked at her and said “You look like a vampire” and he just walked away. He looked at us and said “Everyone looks like vampires these days, they all have fangs” Then he started to sing “Everyone was vampires, turns out I was a vampire myself, devil town ” he laughed a little then lit another menthol cigarette.

daniel johnston drawing


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