The farm

setting sun through farm trees

fridge again

sun setting on the farm

upstairs hallway

love flash

fall at the farm

grandmas cross

jamie and mini horse

basement window 3s

bathroom window

love fridge og but 35

farm art 2

farm tools art

inside the old house

farm tools

old door

the roof of the old house

out the old window

love fridge other way

love fridge 35

the farm fence

the window in grndmas room

love tool box 35

the old house 35

grandmas chest

old dead tree

grandmas clock

my sister

grandmas room

lights and weeds

the farm

the old house 6x9

close up weeds

inside the barn

blurry sun set

tool box love 6x9

john schneider

This was my last trip to the farm where my father was born. I loved going to the farm.

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